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Late Availability

If you haven’t found the perfect venue for your event, it needn’t mean settling for second best.

Below are our latest late availability dates for 2018. Please note, available dates are updated on a regular basis, however please call a member of the Weddings at Woburn team for more information.

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Download Late Availability Proposal at The Sculpture Gallery 

The Sculpture Gallery

November  December  January  February
Friday 9th  Thursday 27th  Saturday 5th Friday 1st 
  Sunday 30th  Saturday 12th  Saturday 2nd
    Sunday13th  Sunday 3rd 
    Friday 25th  Sunday 17th 
    Saturday 26th  Saturday 23rd 
      Sunday 24th 


The Woburn Hotel

November   December   January  February  March 
Friday 2nd  Sunday 9th  Contact the team  Friday 1st     Saturday 1st          
Sunday 4th  Friday 21st    Saturday 2nd         Sunday 3rd 
Saturday 10th  Sunday 23rd    Sunday 3rd  Friday 8th 
Sunday 11th  Saturday 29th    Friday 22nd  Saturday 9th 
Sunday 25th      Saturday 23rd  Sunday 10th 
Friday 30th      Sunday 24th  Friday 15th 
        Saturday 16th 
        Sunday 17th 
        Saturday 22nd 
        Saturday 30th 



 The Safari Lodge



Saturday 6th                   Friday 2nd                  Sunday 2nd          
Friday 12th                             Sunday 4th                                               Saturday 8th                                 
Saturday 13th                            Saturday 10th                                             Sunday 9th                                   
Friday 19th  Sunday 11th  Sunday 16th 
Friday 26th  Friday 16th  Friday 21st 
Sunday 28th                         Saturday 17th                                                Saturday 22nd                                
                     Sunday 18th                                             Saturday 29th                                                         
  Sunday 25th   





Still unsure which venue to choose? Click to view our other two venues.

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